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Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant | Harlow International Group


2800MW Al Khairat Power Plant

On February 16, 2021, the Energy Committee of the Iraqi Cabinet, by decision #62, has awarded Harlow International the right to develop Phase I (1400MW), followed by The National Investment Commission resolution on September 21, 2021, to develop Phase II (1400MW), a total of 2800MW of Al Khairat Thermal IPP Project on a Build-Own-Operate basis in the Karbala Governorate in Iraq.

The power plant will operate on HFO produced from the nearby new Karbala refinery as well as on crude oil supplied from the strategic oil pipeline located 1000 m from the site.


The project will be located in a desert plain, 20 km south of Karbala city, 2.5 Km from the Karbala Refinery, 1000 m from the strategic pipeline (Crude Oil supply), 20 Km from the Euphrates River, and 130 km from the limestone quarry. The project covers a total of 376 ha.

Environmentally Friendly

The power plant will be provided with necessary equipment and systems to meet all applicable environmental regulations with regard to flue gas emissions and wastewater discharge.

In the event it becomes available, natural gas will be used to operate the plant, dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity, by approximately 3.12% and 10% respectively. At the same time, it will reduce fuel consumption by 6% and produce less emission greenhouse gas. In addition, studies are carried out to use treated sewage water from the Karbala wastewater treatment plant as an alternative source of water for the power plant.

Fulfilling the Community Needs

The purpose of the Al Khairat Power Plant Project is to increase the power generation capacity in Iraq leading to the enhancement of socio-economic development.

The power generated will be used for industrial and commercial activities countrywide thus contributing to job creation, increase in productivity, electricity connection rates, and improvement in the quality of life. Other direct project beneficiaries include the people living around the project site who will benefit from employment during project implementation and operation, contractors and consultants who will supply goods and provide services, Al Khairat Power Plant is estimated to give direct and indirect employment to nearly 5000 Families.

Client: The Ministry of Electricity of Iraq