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Al Thaware Security Services in Baghdad | Harlow International


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Al Thaware Security Services

Your trusted security partner in Baghdad

Al Thaware Security Services (ATS-109) is an international security and risk management company, providing exclusive personal and technical security support for those living, travelling and working in Iraq. ATS helps companies and their staff identify, evaluate and mitigate operational risk in Iraq.

We help companies with long-term solutions to secure their business operations and personnel. Our technical expertise, on the ground network, assets in country, and experienced resources help ensure our clients’ assets and resources are safe and secure.

ATS is a fully licensed, transparent and responsible organisation that is compliant with all local regulatory standards and international certifications. As such, a wide range of diplomatic, development, defence, oil and gas, and infrastructure clients trusts ATS to secure their people and assets.


Al Murabit and Al Thaware Security Services are proud to be the first Iraqi private security companies to achieve international accreditation from UKAS under witnessed assessment: ISO 18788:2015 and also ASIS/ANSI PSC.1 2012 Quality Management System for Private Security Company Operations. The globally recognized benchmark is the highest accreditation in the security services industry and UKAS is one of the most respected accreditation bodies in the world. Clients can be assured that we have been through a rigorous audit process by an external third party and that we meet the highest international standards.

Contact our internationally experienced management team for advice on ultimate security management on +964 780 928 5148

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