We are a leading general contracting company in Iraq, specialising in the demanding field of development and construction of complex building projects. Our team has executed a diverse portfolio of major projects in residential and commercial real estate, infrastructure projects, and oil and gas services.

Harlow International itself has constructed and maintains its own residential and commercial site – Riverside Business Park – that is a secure home to 400 international personnel, both staff and clients, in Baghdad.More

Specialist construction management in Iraq

We provide a comprehensive turnkey property development service within construction management Iraq, delivering end-to-end property and construction solutions, ensuring a fully integrated life cycle. By combining the latest technology and solutions with the expert skills and capabilities of our professional teams, we deliver successful projects.

Close consultation and collaboration with our clients significantly impacts on the progress and quality of projects, ensuring we are ever mindful and understanding of our clients objectives. Streamlining the delivery process through one construction team optimizes efficiencies for clients, while still offering the full service options.


Our proven track record includes the building and renovation of key buildings in Iraq