Investment Opportunities in Iraq

As Iraqis await the return of peace to their daily lives post-conflict the demand for goods and services is already increasing. The government is focusing on plans for the reconstruction of essential infrastructure, housing, education and utilities and as such the environment for trade and investment in Iraq is extremely positive.

With improvements in the regulation of foreign investment there are many business prospects for international investors seeking investment opportunities in Iraq. We are equipped to enable investors and potential partners in their entry to the Iraqi market through navigating the official processes, regulations, laws and standards.

Whether you are an individual investor or a company wishing to seek investment opportunities or possible distribution channels in Iraq, we can provide the advice, support, manpower, office space, building of camps and security. We can carry out the administration of setting up a business or opening partner channels to enable you to focus on your core business.

Foreign investment in Iraq is protected

Investment in Iraq continues with many international players injecting billions of dollars into the country, as a result of the Investment Law in 2006 granting foreign investors the same rights as Iraqis. Since the introduction of the government policy, Harlow International’s investment division has worked closely with many external investors interested in participating in the development of Iraq.

Invest in Iraq

  • Post-conflict Iraq will require heavy investment in infrastructure development and housing rebuilding
  • Upcoming opportunities to invest in energy, environment, construction, healthcare, agriculture, and telecommunication sectors
  • Iraq’s pattern for importing foreign goods and well-known Western brands is growing
  • t has a young and growing population willing to learn, train and work for the future of their country and to catch up with their peers in the region
  • Consider the long-term potential of investing in Iraq

Regulations for Investing in Iraq

  • Investors must adhere to Iraqi Labor laws.
  • Investors must not harm the Iraqi environment
  • Investors must adhere to International Organization for Standardization
  • Foreign workers must comply with Iraqi Labor Laws and we can offer assistance in this process by:
    • submitting requests to the relevant ministries to obtain work permits
    • arranging letters and application forms to issue visas, whether for single or multi-entry

If you are interested in investing in Iraq and would like to know more about the opportunities available to foreign investors, call us on +971 4 453 9899