Al Murabit and Al Thaware Security Services are proud to be the first Iraqi private security companies to achieve international accreditation from UKAS under witnessed assessment: ISO 18788:2015 and also ASIS/ANSI PSC.1 2012 Quality Management System for Private Security Company Operations. The globally recognized benchmark is the highest accreditation in the security services industry and UKAS is one of the most respected accreditation bodies in the world. Clients can be assured that we have been through a rigorous audit process by an external third party and that we meet the highest international standards.
SCEG represents the UK industry delivering security in challenging environments on land and at sea. All SCEG members by joining have demonstrated a willingness to embrace regulation, transparency and professional standards. AMS is the first full overseas members of the group. This is an achievement made possible by the unique level of certification, that has been possible by awards of both PSC and ISO

The Harlow International security team now holds the RoSPA Advanced Driving Instructor Diploma. Our National Diploma holder is now eligible to train all our staff in advanced driving skills and techniques thus improving the driving standards of our teams. Expertise in road safety is paramount and the RoSPA training focuses on accident and injury prevention of clients and operatives, especially for road safety in the field.