Iraq Oil Company Services

Harlow Support Services is a leading company of oil and gas in Iraq registered with the Ministry of Electricity, the Ministry of Oil, and the South Company for Oil Project, offering comprehensive services as a fully qualified EPC contractor to the Iraqi oil and gas sector. We operate in an environment where employees’ and customers’ safety are our top priority and is recognized as a benchmark for integrity and quality.

Our connections in the oil and gas industry in Iraq and our close working relationships with the key government departments are vital for foreign companies entering the region.

The Region’s Pioneer in Oil and Gas in Iraq

We are perfectly positioned to act as your partner in development, consultancy, and project management company in Iraq. Our adherence to British and international standards and our teams’ professional attitude on the ground allows us to provide excellent services that we believe are hard to match anywhere in Iraq.


How Do We Help?

As a leading project management company in Iraq, we ensure the success of a diverse range of projects across various industries, specifically to those working in the oil and gas in Iraq. Our unrivaled global network and extensive experience minimize risks involved in your projects, thereby assuring you of a successful project. Project management involves the leadership and guidance of a project from start to completion, typically through three phases.

Strategy Development

In this stage, we identify and evaluate all the available projects and decide the best way forward.


It involves understanding the contract strategy, estimating the cost involved, budget preparation, identifying stakeholders, evaluating the environment, permitting projects, scheduling logistics, and receiving approvals.


In the final stage, we prepare the bid, finalize on the contractor, procure equipment and materials, conduct regulatory compliance and traditional project management, and supervise the site.

For more information on our engineering or oil and gas services, call us on +971 (0) 4453 9899 or contact us