We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions across a range of sectors for our clients. To ensure a fully integrated service offering we concentrate the necessary experience through one management team, streamlining the delivery process and optimising efficiencies for our clients.

Many different skill sets are required to successfully deliver complex projects; all while ensuring your staff arrive safe in country, have secure, comfortable accommodation and can carry out their daily business with minimal disruption. Not only do we enable you to do business in Iraq, we ensure smooth continuity and mobility while you focus on your core business.

The range of our expertise and depth of knowledge means we are able to effectively manage our client’s most diverse problems. Whether we are needed to provide a fully-equipped TV studio, mobilise 500 expats with visas and payroll, provide in-depth analysis on a certain security situation, or procure and import equipment for a power plant, we have the resources and the ability to action all requirements with transparency and ease.

With a global perspective, local understanding, and a wealth of skills, our teams are equipped with the know how to integrate our solutions and provide best of service. We add genuine value to projects by leveraging on the international experience of our management team and the intelligence of our local teams.
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