Within the group we have two international security and risk management companies that provide exclusive personal and technical security support for those living, travelling and working in the challenging environment of Iraq. We assist companies in identifying, evaluating and mitigating operational risk and security services in Iraq.

Your trusted security service company in Iraq

Recognising the unique challenges of trading in Iraq and the requirement for a local reliable security company in Iraq that is still culturally sensitive to Iraqi ways, Al Murabit Security Services (AMS-91) and Al Thaware Security Services (ATS-109) were set up by Harlow International to service our international clients. Both AMS and ATS are fully licensed, transparent and compliant with all local and international regulatory standards. Supportive in capability and services, the resources and assets of the two companies are closely interlinked to ensure exceptional service delivery around Iraq.

Al Murabit Security Services (AMS-91) is based in southern Iraq focusing on support for oil and gas companies in the oilfields around Basra.

Al Thaware Security Services (ATS-109) is headquartered in Baghdad with a wide range of diplomatic, governmental and defence clients that trust us to offer security services in Iraq and secure their people and assets.

Meet our team in Dubai, Baghdad or Basra for more information on the security and risk management services we can tailor for your business.
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Al Murabit and Al Thaware Security Services are proud to be the first Iraqi private security companies to achieve international accreditation from UKAS under witnessed assessment: ISO 18788:2015 and also ASIS/ANSI PSC.1 2012 Quality Management System for Private Security Company Operations. The globally recognized benchmark is the highest accreditation in the security services industry and UKAS is one of the most respected accreditation bodies in the world. Clients can be assured that we have been through a rigorous audit process by an external third party and that we meet the highest international standards.